An Update from Nova Scotia

Good day everyone! I know it’s been a while, but I’m here to do a quick update on everything that has happened over the last 5 weeks here at Greenwood Air Cadet Summer Training Centre.

Quickly, I’ll just add before I start talking that I’ve been enjoying myself here a lot with new and old friends, a well a with my cadets.

I’m a Flight Sergeant for the Drill and Ceremonial Instructors Course, the most senior course on base. Though I do wish that I hadn’t messed up on my Warrant Officer interview (yes, I got interviewed because I was good during in service), I’m loving my job! Though it sucks that my friends are my superiors, I get to be around mostly mature, well-behaved drill gods in the making.

I bought a new camera speedlight! It’s a Nikon SB-700. Not only did I get that, but also the Gary Fong Collapsable Diffuser. Sure, it was a big spend, but it was all worth it.

I got my entrance scholarship! $2000 of awesomeness that goes towards my edumication.


My flight being all sick and all. That’s me to the right.

Hopefully I can do another update before I get home. Until then, ciao!~

A note before I leave for an eternity…

I’m currently in an airport, waiting for my plane to arrive. Since I have my iPad and WiFi, I decided to make a final post before I leave for 9 weeks.

I’ll try to make a mid-trip update, though I cannot promise anything. I may upload some photos as well, though, again, nothing is promised.

I’ll be scouting for certain cultural items, though I want to save my money for my MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I may bring back some nice items!

Until next time, ciao!







My plans for the site and such

  As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot lately. This is mostly due to the fact that I’m running a lot, watching anime and Youtube videos, doing homework, and more. I can never apologize enough to my readers for going incognito. 


But, to make up for it, I’ve been thinking of some ways to improve the site.

TL;DR – Vlogs, Video Reviews, and more.

(1.) I am currently doing Phillip DeFranco’s #PLOT (Project Lose an Olsen Twin). To help motivate myself, I want to make vlogs in which will motivate me to do this. Since I have a Flip Camera, I’ll be posting weekly-ish vlogs and such.

(2.) I will be doing video reviews! Though I plan to start this in September, I’ll be doing HD video reviews of my figurines (I’ll do some of already-reviewed figures in the beginning) and hopefully this will draw traffic to the site.

(3.) Any recommendations are welcomed! Hopefully when I buy my iMac, I’ll be editing photos more and posting them on the site.

Again, recommendations are welcomed.

AND YES, I realize I need to do the Figma review. I need to take pictures XD