Review: Nendoroid Touka Kureha

   A few days ago (I believe it was Wednesday), The Asian texted me and told me that Kureha had came in. Sicne she wasn’t home at the time that I was going to go pick her up, I had to wait. So, last night, while on the way home from dinner and a movie, I texted her and told her that I was on the way to pick up Kureha. I picked her up, paid her, and brought Kureha home, where I snuck her into the house and up into my room. I’m a sneaky bastard. (^o^) That’s why I’m a Slytherin. So, this morning, after being woken up by a text, I decided to do this review.

For the pictures, I used my Tamron lens, as well as a bunch of fake flowers, and a furry piece of fabric. I didn’t want to go with black this time, since I only use it now for dark characters, and Kureha is not dark.

The box was in excellent condition as usual. So, the shipping gets 10/10.

I really love the sculpting for her hair. The paint is excellent as well, which a few over painting problems though. 

When it comes to accessories, Kureha has 4 arms, 2 legs, 2 swords, 2 magic circles, and a bow and arrow, along with 3 faces. I wish she came with more arms, but since she was released a while ago, there’s nothing I can do but try to switch the hand parts with Luka. Accessories get a 9/10

Now back to the painting. I love her eyes. I’ve always loves Kureha’s eyes. Her eyes actually catch some light and reflect it, creating a cool effect. The paint get 9.5/10, since she has a new paint overs, but besides that, the paint is great.

Since I am a Kiriya x Kureha fan, I picked to take photos of only his sword. (^~^) Souma can stay in End Earth.

I really like this shot. So I might as well talk about the sculpt more. She is absolutely beautiful. The hair is amazing. Kureha get a 10/10 for her sculpt.

Love this face (^w^)

Focus on the bow.
The posability of this quite marvelous for an old Nendoroid. Instead of a old peg for the stand, they have a movable peg like those for her legs and head. For posability, Kureha gets a 9/10, surpassing the regular 8/10 for nendos.

I love the blush. (^-^)

Now onto my favourite pose. It was a little bit hard at first trying to get the bow into her hand, but haver a bit of wiggling, it came on easily.

For playability, Kureha is a very fun Nendoroid to pose. But, since she only has 4 arms, her poses are restricted. Even Luka has more arms. For playability, Kureha get a 9/10.

Love this shot.

Again, another awesome photo (^w^)

Wait, what is she doing?

Okay, I’ll stop with the photos. ( ; _ ; )

SO, to wrap this review up, if you have ever watched Shining Wind x Tears or played any of the Shining games, I highly recommend Kureha. She is my favourite Tony character, and I hope I meet a Kureha cosplayer some day. The final score for the review is 56.5/60, or 94.2%.

I have a note by my desk telling me to post the GL review, so I will.