PLA3YO: Day 1

As the first day of PLA3YO, I had to weigh myself. I weigh 180lbs at the moment. SO, the goal is 160lbs, but 150lbs would be amazing.

For exercise, I ran around the Pepsi Centre for 10 minutes (wanted to go longer but I screwed myself up by doing stairs right away and stopping, causing me to get cramps when I ran). I also did  stairs for the rest of the time (ran up/down the stairs of the Pepsi Centre half way and walked, then repeat). I’ll probably split my workout 20:10 (20 running, 10 something else, such as stairs).

For eating, I had Lucky Charms for breakfast (I need to change that), a chicken sandwich for lunch, a fruit smoothies, Raigu for supper, and a Kellog’s Special K bar. I ranked myself an 8/10. Not perfect, but I’m still learning.

I also filmed a small clip, which will be posted later the week with a few other clips.


Project: Lose a 3-Year Old

I feel like I’m slacking off on my physical fitness. To help boost it back up, I’ll be launching a new project, called Project: Lose a 3-Year Old!

My goal is to lose 20 lbs, and that can also mean I lose 30 and gain 10 lbs of muscle. I’ll be doing things such as running and cardio to do this. Also, I’ll be cutting the junk food and food after 8PM. If I’m hungry, make a healthy smoothie.

I’ll make a widget on the side, as well as keeping track on a page. Join along if you want!

Maybe I’ll even make a weekly vlog. :O

Starting weight and Day 1 will be posted tomorrow!