Review: Nendoroid Madoka Kaname

   In a galaxy far, far away, an order for Nendoroid Totori was made by a Newfoundlander during the end of the spring. A few weeks later, a message had been sent to this Newfoundlander, who had traveled across the ocean to an New Scottish area known as Greenwood. 

   This message informed the Newfoundlander that his original order for Nendoroid Totori had failed. Upset, the Newfoundlander searched and searched for a figure that would make a good replacement for the one that never showed. Hope soon turned to despair as the Newfoundlander could not find another Totori that had a good price. But, as he traveled the oceans again to his homeland, he soon thought of an alternative.

   That alternative being Nendoroid Madoka Kaname, a figure that was just released a few days prior to this thought. He searched and searched for a Madoka online that had a good price, and lo and behold, he found it. It was still up for preorder on a site known as Kid Nemo, so the Newfoundlander made his order.

BUT! His order would mean nothing the following days, and he browsed one of his favourite sites, Amiami, and found Madoka on sale for 20% off. The Newfoundlander immediately cancelled his other order and ordered Kaname from Amiami.

Days turned into weeks as the Newfoundlander waited, and finally, after 4 months of ordering a figure, one had arrived…

  Madoka comes with the following:

– 3 Faces;
  – 4 arms;
  – 4 hands;
  – 3 legs;
  – 4 ribbons;
  – 2 Kyubey bodies, one head;
  – The awesome arm stand; and
  – A bow and arrow

   Even though you’d expect more arms or something for more options, the fact that the hands, shoulders, AND elbows rotate gives her loads of options. But, I do wish that they included the sad face with her as well.

For Accessories, Madoka gets 9.5/10.

  Now onto shipping. I love this part of the review since a figure MAY be an amazing figure, but if the seller doesn’t make a conscious effort to protect it while shipping, it destroys the box and everything, causing the VALUE of the figure to decrease.

With Madoka, since she was shipped by Amiami, an amazing company for their boxes, she arrived unharmed with sharp box edges.

Shipping gets 10/10.

  When it comes to poseability, the many options you get with Madoka with the arms really help, but the fact that the HAIR moves if glorious. I love pigtails on Nendoroids, since GSC always puts joints on them to that you can create FLOW.

Poseability gets 10/10.

I wonder why she’s mad?

 Next is paint quality. I love how GSC put gradients on the dress. It gives a great look to this figure. As well, the detail is marvelous. It’s really hard to find screw-ups on this figure.

Paint gets 10/10.


I can’t wait for my other Puella Nendoroids to arrive so that I can make a Kyubey slaughter scene C:

   Next is the sculpt quality. I love how they used a softer-like PVC for the bows, since 2 of the bows have strings, which would break off easily if they were made of hard PVC. As well, the dress’s frills are immaculate.

Sculpt gets 10/10.


  Now onto playability. This figure is so much fun the play with, since you can swap a lot of faces and such. 1/2 of my Nendoroids have pink hair, so it helps with trying to make awesome scenes. As well, the accessories help a lot with the playability. I can’t wait for my other Nendos to arrive.

Playability gets 10/10.

Super KAWAII!!!! C:

 I decided to try on a few faces which belonged from other Nendoroids I own. First up is Serious Face is Serious from Yuyuko.

  Here’s an eyes-closed happy face that belongs to Yuyuko. (In general, Yuyuko faces match perfectly).


  Overall, Nendoroid Madoka Kaname is an amazing figure. The only down side can be fixed easily with the separate purchase of Nendoroid Madoka Kaname School ver., but she’s really expensive.

Overall, Madoka gets 59.5/60 or 99%.

I’d recommend this figure to anyone, especially those who’ve watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica or who plan to.

ALSO, Weekly Lick will most likely be up tomorrow. Hopefully.

Until next time!