Figure Unboxing and Review: Figma Servant Rider

OKAY, SO I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW IT IS UNBEARABLE!!! So yeah, I got a text from my friend about an hour ago telling me that my package came in. I immediately walked there and retrieved it, paying her for her efforts. NOW, IT IS TIME!!!!

HERE IT IS!!! A BOX! Okay, so she opened it just in case, but whatever, she’s here now.

I loved this message. And to see all of these peanuts, I was immediately happy to know that she was well protected.

I bought her from AnimeJackpot, an online store from Texas. Here’s their site, I highly recommend them:

I opened the box carefully, but piled it up like this. She was well protected and came with some extra magazines and stuff.


I is happy camper.

You probably can’t tell from these photos, but the box is in excellent condition, and the corners are amazing!
I know this isn’t the last time I shop at animejackpot.

So here she is out of the box. I always thought the figmas were big until I came across a Casual Saber on sale, which I thought was bigger, but she’s pretty small. So is Rider, but she is pretty big for a figma.

The back of the box, which I think is for the di:stage.


She came with the usual. The stand, the hands, the stakes, the extension because of her hair, and the figma bag.

Well, because I wanted to display her and not take a lot of pictures, here’s one of her.
Here’s the review:
Shop’s service and shipping: 10/10
Figure Design: 9/10 could have been bigger ;B
Posabitily: 8/10 The hair gets in the way at times.
Accessories: 9/10 I would have loved a third face.
Bonus point: 2 because it’s Rider ❤
Overall:  38/40
Grade: 95% A+

I HIGHLY recommend this figure.