Let’s confirm some things…

I am addicted.

Not surprised, right? It’s an amazing game.

ANYWHO, I’m currently in Lanayru Mining Facility, the 3rd temple. It’s really weird, since the 1st temple is water/snow, 2nd is fire, and the 3rd is desert. Not following the series are you SS?

Also, my white wig has arrived. I don’t feel like cosplaying LLWO anymore, so recommend to me some  possible cosplays, such as Allen Walker, Rinnosuke, etc.

My life belongs to Zelda

In about 12 hours, I’ll hopefully have my copy of the Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I’ve been waitingall week for this to be released, so I’m pretty excited.

This will be me when I get the game, marrying it so that I will be with it as ALL times.

I’m hoping EB Games has some non-prepaid Collector’s Editions, since I want the gold Wiimote.