Figure Reviews

What is a figurine?


Funny you may ask, since everyone has their own representations of what a figurine is. It could be an action figure, a statue, a doll, etc. Here at Figure Lickin’ Good, we consider them as simply art.


According to Wikipedia,

“A figurine (a diminutive form of the word figure) is a statuette that represents a human, deity or animal.       Figurines may be realistic or iconic, depending on the skill and intention of the creator. The earliest were made of  stone or clay. Modern versions are made of ceramic, metal, glass, wood and plastic.

Figures with movable parts, allowing limbs to be posed, are more likely to be called dolls, mannequins, or action figures; or robots or automata, if they can move on their own.

Figurines and miniatures are sometimes used in board games, such as chess, and tabletop role playing games. Old figurines have been used to discount some historical theories, such as the origins of chess.”


As you can see, figurines are found anywhere in society, from museums to chess sets.

This section, the Figure Review section, is comprised of anime/video figurines that us authors had collected over the years. Please feel free to browse this section!


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