It’s time to move on…

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting. Why though? 

I’ve become bored of WordPress. So, if you want to keep updated, I’m currently on Tumblr, so you should follow me there!

This website may die, so it’s best to go there!

An update from Atlanti-Con

Good morning folks! I’m here at Atlanti-con (actually, I’m hosting the radio for it, as we were able to get a radio station here to set up stuff []) and I’m having a blast! I cosplayed Crazy Clown Kaito yesterday, and today I’m cosplaying Accelerator from To Aru Maujutsu no Index. Here are some photos!


If you live in Corner Brook. come down now! Other wise, listen to the podcast and have a time!

I’m also doing a panel on Figurines, Maintenance, and More today!


More photos to come!

A note before I leave for an eternity…

I’m currently in an airport, waiting for my plane to arrive. Since I have my iPad and WiFi, I decided to make a final post before I leave for 9 weeks.

I’ll try to make a mid-trip update, though I cannot promise anything. I may upload some photos as well, though, again, nothing is promised.

I’ll be scouting for certain cultural items, though I want to save my money for my MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I may bring back some nice items!

Until next time, ciao!