Review: Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji

  A few moon cycles ago, I ordered a figure from Big In Japan, which led me into a dark realm called Touhou. This figure happened to be Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji, who arrived a few weeks ago.

 Due to French family being over, going to the cabin, and watching a whole Let’s Play for Majora’s Mask, I was unable to do the review until now. So, before I start a few things to add:

– Weekly Lick will start again really soon (I’m guessing in a few weeks);
– A bunch of preorders may be made in the next few days.

Anyway, here is the review:

Yuyuko comes with:

– 6 shoulder parts
– 4 arms
– 3 faces
– 1 open and 1 closed fan
– A bunch of hands
– Replaceable hat
– 4 butterflies
– 2 glow-in-the-dark ghosts

Since her dress is close to touching the ground, it’s somewhat useless to have extra legs.
As well, the stand is amazing!
For accessories, Yuyuko gets 10/10.

Now on to shipping. Yuyuko arrived in excellent condition in a bow with sharp edges C: (Bubble wrap works!)
Shipping gets 10/10.

When it comes to posability, Yuyuko’s shoulders work miracles. You can make millions of poses because of them, and because of that, posability gets 10/10.

Next is paint. The nice pastel colours really go great with Nendoroids. I have yet to find a mistake or smudges. Paint gets 10/10.

Next is sculpt. The hat’s detail is amazing, it’s stunning! I sometimes just pick it up off her head and admire it for a few minutes. The flow of her kimono was also done greatly. Sculpt gets 10/10.

Dead picture C:

Next is playability. Sadly, since she doesn’t have any real weapons, Yuyuko might become one of those “boring” figures after a while, where I cannot find a pose to put her in, but for now, I love all of the poses. The fact that you can use other faces as well to make certain hungry or HOLY-CRAP-FOOD! poses increases her playability. Playability gets 10/10.

Amazing Touhou scene (a version of Stage 6 of PCB).

Ghost and butterflies having fun.

 In conclusion, this is the best figure I have bought yet, beating Myon-chan by 0.2 points. Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji gets a perfect 100%.

I highly recommend this figure to those who are fans of the Touhou series and to those who love amazing Nendoroids. I bought this figure BEFORE I was a fan of Touhou. How did that happen?

Review: Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku

  As shown in the unboxing post, I finally got Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku in the mail. At first, I ordered her because I wanted to complete my Ghost Duo (other nendo is Yuyuko Saigyouji) but after a while, I came to fall in love with Youmu and she became my favourite Touhou character. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive. 

I find these photos aren’t as good as the fast review, but I may be wrong. Hopefully Yuyuko’s end up amazing.

So let’s show her and a part of her box…

Youmu comes with a load of parts:
-6 shoulders
-8+ hands (I forget how many)
-5 swords
-1 Myon-chan (The ghost, in this case, will also be Myon-chan)
-3 faces
-Stickers for a pissed-off expression

Though lacking extra legs, which isn’t a big deal in my opinion, I believe GSC did a great job handling with the accessories.
Accessories get 10/10.

Myon-chan is connect from the top

 Now onto posability. Because of her 6 shoulder pieces and many arms, Youmu can do alot of amazing poses.  Her stand is also beautiful, despite it not being a super movable stand. I had some trouble with the stand due to the weight, but it fixed itself after a while. She also lost some marks for it, but it’s no longer a problem. so she gets 10/10 for posability.

And she reaches for her sword….

 What is that thing next to her? It’s a candle.

Anyway, before I forget, the box came in excellent condition with bubble wrap and Japanese flyers. Nice touch JList!
Shipping gets 10/10.

Onto the paint. There are so many small details that it’s amazing. Roukanken has it’s flowers on the handle. I’m amazed. Paint gets 10/10.

Here is her angry face, along with Roukanken. 
Let’s talk about sculpt. The details on her skirt are done wonderfully, and her headband is super kawaii…. (I hate myself).
One small problem I have, which isn’t big, it that you can see a seam in her hair, but besides that, she’s perfect.
Sculpt gets 9.8/10.

Double-sword wielder.

Love this pose SO much.

Love this pose too.

When it comes to playability, Youmu wins it all. The small fact that she can’t be lifted off the ground doesn’t really bother me, but besides that, everything is perfect. SHE HAS 5 SWORDS MAN!
Playability obviously gets a strong 10/10.

In conclusion, Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku is a definite get for any Touhou fan or anyone considering starting Touhou. I bought her even before I was a Touhou fan and I don’t regret it at all. ^^

So, her final score is….. 59.8/60 (holy shit) or 99.7%… She rounds to 100%

Was I too soft? She beat Dead Master by 2% and Rider by 4%.

Till next time?

Review: GSC 1/8 Senjougahara Hitagi

  As stated in yesterday’s post, I won Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Senjougahara Hitagi. Hitagi is one of the main characters from Bakemonogatari, a show I really enjoyed watching (the art style is amazing).

  This figures was initially released a while ago, and it’s one of the things that got me into Bakemonogatari (since I didn’t start watching the show right away). 

Here’s a nice leg shot I took with my 50mm f1.4 Nikkor lens. And yes, those are chocolate eggs. ^^

This figure has great flow with it. The pose is inspired from one of the scenes in the show (which happened to be one of my favourites). I’d recommend this show to anyone, unless they don’t like dialogue. 

Also, the fact that she was shipped twice and in excellent condition gives her 10/10 on shipping.

Let’s get into the review:
The colouration of this figure is excellent. The detail put into the shirt and hair is outstanding. One tiny complaint is that the pens and ruler in her breast pocket are a tiny bit messy, but besides that, it’s pretty nice.
Colouration gets 9.5/10

More closeups….

Showing how the stationary is standing…

As mentioned above, this figures has great flow. I haven’t seen a better figure with flow from Bakemonogatari.

Flow gets 10/10.

Huge scissors are HUGE!

Let’s talk about putting the figure together.
I had a lot of trouble with the stationary and had to thicken one of the small peg thingys. It was only one of the stationary thingys, and everything else was okay.
Construction gets 9/10.

I sense pantsu in the near future…

Let’s talk about the figure’s faith to the original character. 
It matches perfectly. Tsundere is definitely there… well… mostly tsun.
For FTTOC, this figure gets 10/10.

Lovely hands holding the dress…

I see pantsu!

Really nice flowing hair

More hair…

Let’s talk about proportion.
Everything is perfect besides those damn huge scissors. They can chop off her legs.
Proportion gets 9/10.



While he have pantsu, let’s talk about the character’s charm. 
The teasing/ provocative face that Hitagi is making is perfect, and the elegant pose goes along with it. GSC did a great job.
Character’s charm gets 10/10.

If you didn’t notice, Hitagi can hold 2 staplers in her hands instead of her dress, which can be changed for a non-held version.


The other dress…

Let’s talk about facial expression. The fact that she’s looking to the left with her held turned makes this figure special. As well, if you look closely, you can see the GSC Dots in her eyes (I call them that).
As stated above, the facial expression gives off a teasing/provocative face which works great with this figure.

Facial expression gets 10/10.

Final photo!

All in all, this figure is great and I recommend her to any Bakemonogatari fan. Her final score is 77.5/80 or 96.9%.

Great score is great.

Let’s see if Gift Saber Lily can beat her when I order her…

Review: Nendoroid Touka Kureha

   A few days ago (I believe it was Wednesday), The Asian texted me and told me that Kureha had came in. Sicne she wasn’t home at the time that I was going to go pick her up, I had to wait. So, last night, while on the way home from dinner and a movie, I texted her and told her that I was on the way to pick up Kureha. I picked her up, paid her, and brought Kureha home, where I snuck her into the house and up into my room. I’m a sneaky bastard. (^o^) That’s why I’m a Slytherin. So, this morning, after being woken up by a text, I decided to do this review.

For the pictures, I used my Tamron lens, as well as a bunch of fake flowers, and a furry piece of fabric. I didn’t want to go with black this time, since I only use it now for dark characters, and Kureha is not dark.

The box was in excellent condition as usual. So, the shipping gets 10/10.

I really love the sculpting for her hair. The paint is excellent as well, which a few over painting problems though. 

When it comes to accessories, Kureha has 4 arms, 2 legs, 2 swords, 2 magic circles, and a bow and arrow, along with 3 faces. I wish she came with more arms, but since she was released a while ago, there’s nothing I can do but try to switch the hand parts with Luka. Accessories get a 9/10

Now back to the painting. I love her eyes. I’ve always loves Kureha’s eyes. Her eyes actually catch some light and reflect it, creating a cool effect. The paint get 9.5/10, since she has a new paint overs, but besides that, the paint is great.

Since I am a Kiriya x Kureha fan, I picked to take photos of only his sword. (^~^) Souma can stay in End Earth.

I really like this shot. So I might as well talk about the sculpt more. She is absolutely beautiful. The hair is amazing. Kureha get a 10/10 for her sculpt.

Love this face (^w^)

Focus on the bow.
The posability of this quite marvelous for an old Nendoroid. Instead of a old peg for the stand, they have a movable peg like those for her legs and head. For posability, Kureha gets a 9/10, surpassing the regular 8/10 for nendos.

I love the blush. (^-^)

Now onto my favourite pose. It was a little bit hard at first trying to get the bow into her hand, but haver a bit of wiggling, it came on easily.

For playability, Kureha is a very fun Nendoroid to pose. But, since she only has 4 arms, her poses are restricted. Even Luka has more arms. For playability, Kureha get a 9/10.

Love this shot.

Again, another awesome photo (^w^)

Wait, what is she doing?

Okay, I’ll stop with the photos. ( ; _ ; )

SO, to wrap this review up, if you have ever watched Shining Wind x Tears or played any of the Shining games, I highly recommend Kureha. She is my favourite Tony character, and I hope I meet a Kureha cosplayer some day. The final score for the review is 56.5/60, or 94.2%.

I have a note by my desk telling me to post the GL review, so I will.