I got Final Fantasy XIII-2!

While at work yesterday, I noticed that we had FFXIII-2, which was just released that day. I decided to pick it up. So far, the game is pretty epic with some breathtaking cut scenes. It feels like a visual novel at parts, since you have to decide what to say. It’s pretty epic.

Who else got it?

Also, I’m home sick today. Pretty sure I got the stomach flu.

Let’s confirm some things…

I am addicted.

Not surprised, right? It’s an amazing game.

ANYWHO, I’m currently in Lanayru Mining Facility, the 3rd temple. It’s really weird, since the 1st temple is water/snow, 2nd is fire, and the 3rd is desert. Not following the series are you SS?

Also, my white wig has arrived. I don’t feel like cosplaying LLWO anymore, so recommend to me some  possible cosplays, such as Allen Walker, Rinnosuke, etc.