Review: Nendoroid Mami Tomoe

Again, I apologize. BUT, I have some good news before I start the review. I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS PROGRAMME AT MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I GET TO DRAW NAKED PEOPLE FOR 4 YEARS!!! Wait, I shouldn’t be excited for the latter… or should I? ( ^ O ^ )

Anyway, I will stop talking now and go on with the review.

I bought Mami from… I believe Hobby Search (either that or Amiami, but since she was in a bow with paper, I’m thinking Hobby Search) and arrived in 5 days! And she was sent through SAL! AND SHE WAS IN PERFECT CONDITION! Way to go HS! Shipping gets 10/10.

Mami comes with several parts:

– a tea set (cut and plate, attached to hands)
– A bent leg
– hat
– 1 Charlotte
– 4 regular guns
– 1 big gun
– Hands to hold the guns
– Bent arms
– Straight arms
– And 3 faces

For Accessories, Mami has tons! She gets a 10/10 for Accessories.

Onto poseability. As she has so many parts, there are millions of poses you can make with Mami. As well, her hair never seems to get in the way! IN FACT, IT EVEN HAS JOINS! And she also has the awesome arm-joint stand. Poseability gets 10/10

Next is paint. Compared to my Nendoroid Homura, who had some slip-ups, Mami is perfect. I have yet to find a mistake. AND I’ve had her 3 months. Good job GSC! Paint gets 10/10.

Now onto sculpt. The dress has an amazing flow to it! And her hair is beautifully done! Sculpt gets 10/10.

Now onto playability. As I have Madoka and Homura as well, playing with then/posing them is a lot more fun. As well, you can make awesome death scenes!!! C:
Playability gets 10/10.

In conclusion, this is one of the best figures I’ve received in the longest time. Perfect score, 60/60, or 100%.

I’ll be posting a review in the coming weeks on my newest figure, who shall remain anonymous.

Until then!

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