Review: Nendoroid Akemi Homura

Before we continue with the review, I’d like to say that this is the first post I am making on my new iPad 2. I decided to buy one during the Boxing Day sales, and now I have an iPhone AND an iPad. This is awesome. Expect more pictures to be uploaded this way!

Anywho, I finally have a day off of work, and I decided that I would post a figure review, since one was due and there had been no activity on the site. So, while my parentwe were away, I took some equipment down to the living room and started taking pictures of Good Smile Company’s beautiful Nendoroid Akemi Homura.


Being the first figure I ordered through Hobby Link Japan, I had no idea what the conditibox the box would be in. Sure enough, Homura arrived with sharp edges, but was shrink-wrapped to a piece of cardboard in the box. Not the best way to protect a figure. Shipping gets 9.5/10.


Now onto accessories. Homura has 3 faces, 2 hair options, glasses, 4 arms, 4 hands, a gun, a grenade, a bazooka, and 2 legs. The only complaint I have is that she doesn’t have enough legs. Accessories gets 9.5/10.


When is comes to paint, Homura has a lot of detailed areas. Sadly, there re a few mistakes and there is a small white spot on her head. Paint gets 8/10.


Next is sculpt. There re so many details in the figure that she gets an automatic 10/10. The braids are amazing!



And now onto poseability. Homura’s long hair does get in the way at times, which hinders the mark a bit, but the many arms and parts help her keep a 9.5/10.


Finally, onto playability. Because of all of her extra parts, Homura is really fun to play with and display. As well, there are so many figures from the series that you can have thousands of scenes with them. Playability gets 10/10.


To sum everything up, Nendoroid Akemi Homura is an amazing figure. Sadly, due to some quality control, she isn’t the best in my collection. Her overall mark is 56.5/60 or 94%.



I’d recommend this figure to anyone who has watched the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, or to those who love guns. Anywho, have a great day!

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