So, I mentioned in a post before that I had a stalker. Yes, it’s true, and I’m quite terrified. You see some people saying things like, “Oh yeah, he’s a real stalker”, but when you can confirm that this person is freakishly stalking you, you get freaked out. Take this situation for example…

Holy crap guys, HQ pictures done on paint. And yes, I’m always on the internet.

Anyway, I would log on MSN and right away, a message would pop up.

Now, a lot of people get messages right away when they log on, right? Well, this isn’t normal. THIS IS EVERY DAY, EVERY TIME I LOG ON.

Now, my usual reaction is something like this…


Now, I’m not the only one who receives messages like this. The Rapist actually receives messages from her own stalker in this fashion, but 10x as worse.

Sometimes the best way to stop this if to reply, but by doing this, you get sucked into the Never-Ending Whirlpool of Agony. So sometimes, I just block her for an hour.

This cycle repeats daily.


Although she’s freaky, The Stalker is still good… as a figure-ordering device.

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