Everyday Life

As I moved around a lot, I got to meet some awesome people. But, some of the weirdest come from where I live now in Corner Brook.  One of these people is my best friend Alaina.

Now, Alaina and I became close due to cadets, and now she’s my 2nd in command. But, strange things have started too occur. Such strange things as her randomly saying, really fast, “I want to have your babies”. Now, usually this is taken as a joke, but when they stare at you for a long time afterwards, it gets scary.

Take this situation for example:


DO YOU SEE HER EYES?!? HOLY SHIT GUYS, I’M GOING TO GET RAPED. At least she’s letting me be on bottom, since I’m lazy.

More post to come. Possibly some more comics? But this time, I won’t get The Rapist to upload the picture for me…

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