Cosplay: The series

Cosplay live action comedy


Q-Cosushinkai Project is an initiative spearheaded by Rizki Karismana and Maulana Yudha as a place for Bandung’s cosplay talents enthusiastic in the making ofCOSPLAY: The Series in its inception. This non-profit group is inclusive and encourages cooperation among cosplay teams. People involved include members of cosplay teams Lunar, Valkyria (a.k.a.V-Team), Aeon, ITokuB, Unlimited, Seventh Heaven, and others.

The series

Season 1

Q-Cosushinkai, the cosplay club of SMA Kebanggaan Bangsa, is threatened to be disbanded unless they come up with a unique project. The quick-witted gang led by Vincent manages to persuade Headmistress Kartini to at least give them their club room back, but their archenemy Sukma is not going to stand idly. With the aid of a mysterious person from Leader Vincent’s past, and the wits of the club’s new members, they manage to succeed in every plan and performances.

Little did they know that this mysterious lady is an old acquantance Headmistress Kartini, and goes way back with Vincent and Sukma and their shadowy secret past…

Season 2

Q-Cosushinkai Cosplay Club finally won back their club’s room from Headmistress Kartini after promising an original cosplay project, and thwarted archenemy Sukma’s devious plans to stall their progress. Unbeknownst to them, all were mere ripples of a much larger conflict implicating secret treasures and super-powered cosplayers, a conflict they now find themselves having stepped too far into…

The legendary treasure lands on their oblivious hands, just as they are looking for materials for their promised original cosplay project — and things start getting out of hand very quickly!

Watch the 1st trailer here or watch all episodes on

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