PLA3YO: Day 1

As the first day of PLA3YO, I had to weigh myself. I weigh 180lbs at the moment. SO, the goal is 160lbs, but 150lbs would be amazing.

For exercise, I ran around the Pepsi Centre for 10 minutes (wanted to go longer but I screwed myself up by doing stairs right away and stopping, causing me to get cramps when I ran). I also did  stairs for the rest of the time (ran up/down the stairs of the Pepsi Centre half way and walked, then repeat). I’ll probably split my workout 20:10 (20 running, 10 something else, such as stairs).

For eating, I had Lucky Charms for breakfast (I need to change that), a chicken sandwich for lunch, a fruit smoothies, Raigu for supper, and a Kellog’s Special K bar. I ranked myself an 8/10. Not perfect, but I’m still learning.

I also filmed a small clip, which will be posted later the week with a few other clips.


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