Review: Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Riannon

  While in St. John’s for a position interview for cadets, I asked if I could be driven to Timemaster’s, a collector’s store. While there, I ran into 2 possible figure purchases: Figma Emiya Shiro or 1/8 Riannon. Seeing how Riannon was on sale, I decided to buy her.

  Let’s talk about the box’s condition. For some reason, all of Timemaster’s boxes weren’t in the best condition. Sadly, this harms the figure’s overall score.

Box condition gets 7/10.

   Next is paint. As the old Kotobukiya didn’t do that many figures with a lot of gradients, this lowers the score a tad. BUT, the figure is amazingly free of mistakes. Bravo Kotobukiya.

Paint gets 9.5/10.

    Let’s talk about flow. This figure has an amazing flow that ponders me every time. Perfect. No questions asked.

Flow gets 10/10.

   Now onto construction. This figure is really easy to put together. Since the hat is magnetic, it stays on easily. As well, the staff is easy to put on.

Construction gets 10/10.

  Since I’ve never watch Tears to Tiara yet, I can’t really say if Riannon is completely faithful to her character. But by judging from pictures from Google, she seems to.

FFTC gets 10/10.

  Next is the figure’s proportion. As everything is to proportion, I can’t take away points.

Proportion gets 10/10.

  Next is facial expression. Her  face always makes me smile. Such a kawaii expression.

Face gets 10/10.

Onto the sculpt. The picture above, I find, is breathtaking, and shows her flow. BUT, the base is horrid.

Sculpt gets 9/10.

  Finally, onto the character’s charm. As I have 2 “Caster”-type figures, this figure makes me really happy. As yes, I compare my figures to Fate/ classes (currently have 3 Achers, 1 Rider, 2 Sabers, 1 Berserker, and now 3 Casters on my desk). As she’s a TRUE Caster, with a staff and all! She adds a bunch of charm to my desk.

Character’s charm gets 10/10.

   Overall, I love this figure. I really need to watch the show. Will do after this season ends and there’s that 1-2 week downtime.

Overall, Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Riannon gets 85.5/90, or 95%.

Until next time!

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