Figures that caught my eye at WonderFest

No, I did not go, but on there are tons of post with figures.
Here are some I saw and wanted SO bad:

Black Rock Shooter Stuff:
Nendoroid STR ~ I LOVE STR! She’s one of my favourite BRS characters. I’m getting this no matter what.
Figma STR ~ Same reason as above, plus I’m going to try and get all of the BRS figmas subtract Matou.
Figma Yomi ~ Dead Master in her human form ❤
Black Rock Shooter Game (with White Rock Shooter) ~ I need a PSP, but WRS is EPIC!

The World God Only Knows stuff:
Nendoroid Elsie ~ SO FRIGGIN CUTE!
Nendoroid Haqua ~ I don’t know much about her yet, but she looks cute!

Shining Wind stuff:
Figutto!(I think) Seena ~ She’s a iffy, but she’ll go good with Kureha
Figutto!(I think) Kureha ~ Definite get.
There might be some more, not sure.

Figma Miku Append ~ I need at least 1 Miku. (^w^)

Nendoroid (Petite?) Nessa and Phryne

There may be more, such as Saber Lily, but she’s going to cost a leg, so I’ll be saving up from now on.

Also, I need to buy Black Gold Saw before she’s all sold out.


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