Review: Nendoroid Dead Master

   So exactly when my nan called me upstairs for supper, the doorbell rang and my pop answered it. It was my lens (Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro). I ran upstairs immediately, opened the box, took out the lens, ate my supper, and got all my things ready for this review. Five minutes of tearing apart a dryer sheet later, I started taking pictures.

Sorry for using a black background, but I like it. (^~^)

As you can see, she is movable and uses the new Nendoroid stand. One problem I encountered is that the littler stand part that connect to DM is either too long, or her stand-hole isn’t big enough. This is only a minor problem, though somewhat annoying. For posability, I’m giving her a 9.5/10, only losing marks because of the stand problem.

Dead Master comes with arms galore (seven I believe), 5 legs, FOUR faces, 2 fringes, 2 skull minions, 2 stands for them, the base, the stand, and the rest of the stuff. Accessories automatically gets 10/10. Good job GSC!

More shots….

So here’s her default face. I love the detail they put into the eyes, especially for one of the pairs that I will show you in a bit.
Also, I forgot to mention above, the packaging was marvelous and there was barely a scratch done to the shipping box itself. Shipping gets 10/10.

The sculpting and paint job on this figure is excellent as well. The green highlights in the hair add an extra eeriness to her.
Sculpt gets 10/10.

Now for playability. Since she IS a Nendoroid that only has so many arm positions, she loses a point, but this figure is definitely one of the best for playability. Playability gets 9/10.

This is the stinky dryer sheet I tore apart for the photos. The smell was so bad that I had to turn on a fan and almost resorted to opening a window.

This is my favourite pose. Best ever.

I have a horror story for the end of this post, and it will possibly break your hearts… wait, no. It will break my heart, since it happened to me. ( ; _ ; )


This photo is possibly the new banner. I just need to photoshop it and crap.

Finally, the chibi face.

All and all, this is an amazing figure. I highly recommend it even if you haven’t watch Black Rock Shooter, she makes an awesome Halloween decoration.
So, to tally up the score, the final score for Nendoroid Dead Master is (does math) 9.7/10 or 97%!
This is the first figure to beat Figma Rider’s score… something isn’t right… (*~*)

  So now onto the horror story. As you know, I just got the lens. WELL, after the pictures were taken, I went downstairs to show my nan the awesome quality of the photos. I decided to take some pictures, but when I went to do it, the camera wouldn’t take any. I tried switching to Manual Focus, but the cap wouldn’t slide all the way. I think my lens that I had for an hour is broken. ( ; _ ; )

  Someone help?

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