Review: Nendoroid Megurine Luka

Why hello there followers! If you didn’t know already, my Nendo Megurine Luka came in! I got her from Hobby Search this time, and she came pretty quick. Here’s her box:

Note that I did this review LIVE…. well, the pictures anyway. This weekend was NWCC (Newfoundland’s West Coast Con) and Ange just happened to give her to me during the first day.

The box was in great condition! I wonder why??? (Find out soon!) 

Look who it is! Luka surrounded in packing paper!
Let’s take her out!

If you’re wondering what the orange is, it’s just the tickets I had to put on people’s arms (I was a volunteer again this year).
The box, with out a doubt, is in excellent condition!
Good job, Hobby Search, you get an awesome mark:
Shipping: 10/10 

Some more box pictures….


Guess what figure that is in the bottom right hand corner!

I love this box!

And moving on…

So here she is. Luka comes with the following:
-3 heads
-5 arms
-3 legs
-Tako Luka!!1!
And the Nendo itself.
Accessories: 9/10 (I would have liked to see another face for Tako Luka ;D )

I gotta LOVE Tako Luka ❤
Playability gets another point JUST because of Tako Luka.
Since it is a Nendo, there aren’t as many things you can do with it compared to figmas, but the quality is great.
Playability: 8/10

So when it comes down to it, I love Luka’s scuplting! The paint is great too!
Sculpting: 10/10

So overall, Luka is my first nendo, and now I’m addicted. THEY ARE SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE!
Overall score is:
or 93%
I’m gonna have a lot of Nendos….

So, why is my box is such good condition?

Yep, it got marked as a gift. C:  (Picture took too long to upload, so I can’t show D: UNLESS….

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