Review: Figma Black★Rock Shooter

So here she is! Finally! Okay, so I got a Facebook noticed from Sean, the owner of The Lair, and he told me that there was a figma waiting for me there. I don’t have my licence yet, so I had to wait until my dad came home, and then I asked him if I could go driving (I have my permit).

So after making a trip to The Lair and back, I immediately rushed upstairs and started to take pictures.

So here she is: Figma Black★Rock Shooter!

I really love the packaging on Black★Rock Shooter. It really brings the figurine to life right from the box. As well, the box was in excellent condition, and I love it when my boxes are in excellent condition. C;

Packaging and shpping: 9.5/10 (I ordered her in August, lol)

 So here are the things that come with BRS, including the awesome OVA. Figma BRS comes with 2 figma stands, one claw for one of the stands, chains, 3 faces, 2 front hair pieces, 10 hands, 1 black blade, 1 rock cannon, 1 figma bag, the OVA, and, of course, BRS herself.

Accessories: 10/10 What else could you ask for?

 Here comes the hard part: rating the figure itself, the playability, and the overall score. Lets that with playability.

I found that compared to my Figma Rider, BRS seems a lot more stiff (which is both good and bad). This causes some poses to be hard to replicate, as well as the fact that it takes me about 20-30 minutes to put her into a pose with the Rock Cannon.

I cheated in the photo above actually. The are isn’t connected to Rock Cannon, but just touching it. This is because I became really frustrated. 

Playability: 8/10 (It’s not 7/10 because of the fact that she has so many accessories AND she goes perfectly with Dead Master).

Now, let’s move on to Black★Rock Shooter herself. I knew that she was going to be a small figma, but DAMN, she is tiny compared to Rider! Besides that, she is beautifully sculpted, and so are her accessories.
One thing I noticed is a few marks on the emotionless face, which I need to remove (I don’t know how to do it though…)

Scuplting: 9/10

So here is a pose that is similar to the one I have her in at the moment, though the pose at the moment is a lot better.

Overall, I’m giving BRS a mark of 9.125/10, or 91%.

Do I recommend her? I do if you are a fan of the OVA, or Vocaloid (since she was “Dark Miku” for a while until some things were clarified, and now she’s only related to Vocaloid because of the song). As well, I recommend buying Dead Master and Black★Gold Saw when they are released, so that BRS isn’t alone.

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